Consider your goals and aims

Before you go any further think carefully about why you are buying a property in the first place. Is it strictly as a second home or are you buying as an investment? Are you looking for capital growth or rental income or perhaps a combination of both? Most of our clients will rent out the property when not using it themselves and it is essential that you purchase a home that is zoned for short term rental. Without this zoning you will not be able to rent the property for any single periods of less than 31 days.
The second consideration is location. Again assuming you wish to rent the property then our advice would be to purchase no further than 15 minutes driving time from Disney. This will ensure that you achieve optimum rental income and capital growth.

Thirdly, wherever possible try to get your mortgage approved in principle before your start your property selection. You will then be able to choose with confidence and the sellers will be more amenable to dealing with you if they know your mortgage is already approved. We can recommend mortgage providers.

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