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Some of our clients purchase in Florida without flying over to inspect the property. Whilst we take that responsibility very seriously and it is an easy process nevertheless it is not something we would recommend. The majority of our buyers fly over for a short visit in order to see what is available and to choose an appropriate home. Many of our competitors offer cheap inspection flights placing the potential buyers in motels and not providing a hire car so that the potential buyer is “captive” throughout their visit. Our clients are more discerning than that and we would prefer that they have the opportunity drive around independently and acquaint themselves with the area. Therefore, we suggest that the interested buyer arrange their flights and contact us and we will then provide subsidised accommodation in a property as close to the type of home they are thinking of purchasing so that they can have first hand experience. We will also make available hire cars at trade rates.

The cost of accommodation will be dependent upon the type, the time of year and size of car. The inspection portion of any trip will normally be no more than 4 days and these costs for the four day period will ultimately be fully refunded should a purchase go through to completion.

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